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Embroidery Questions:

I’ve never done embroidery before, where should I start?
You’re in the right place! I recommend trying one of the Beginner Kits as they really walk you through the process and are super fun!

What’s the difference between the embroidery kit levels?
Great question! All of the kits are considered "beginner kits" in some sense as they all come with detailed instruction booklets. The way I scale my kits are Beginner Kits come with a video tutorial and an instruction booklet, Intermediate Kits come with an instruction booklet, Advanced Kits come with an instruction booklet and while the stitches stay the same, the details become finer.

Can I pick up my order instead?
Not at this time, sorry!

How long does it take you to ship orders?
Normally 1 - 7 days, each kit is made by hand by me so I appreciate your patience :-)

Do you wholesale your embroidery kits?
I sure do! Send me an email via my contact page or and I’d love to discuss that with you.

I want to place a large (10+ kits) order, can I have a discount?
You sure can! Send me an email before placing an order and I can offer you a discounted price.

Why has my order been refunded?
If an order is returned to me due to an incorrect address being supplied by the customer, your order will be refunded minus the shipping cost. You are welcome to repurchase the item but please make sure you input the correct address.

Why isn't the template printed on the fabric?
I don't print the templates onto my kits for two reasons - the first is that it would increase the cost of the Kits and I want to keep them as affordable as possible. The second reason is that you would see printed template through the lighter colours of thread (such as the thin lines on the Bumble Bee wings), whereas if you trace the template with a pencil you won't see it afterwards.

What colour thread was used in xyz kit?
A list of all threads and materials used in each kit is available at the top of the front page of the instructions, as well as in the title of the individual steps.

What kind of material should I use if I want to do embroidery?
Almost anything! (Just stay away from stretchy fabric if you are a beginner) For personal projects I normally source second-hand cotton material, you can find great colours and often for a lot cheaper than fabric stores charge. However, if you want to buy new, I recommend calico material.


Shipping & Online Orders

Please note that the dates given for the shipping times are estimates and I do not have control of how quickly your order arrives once Australia Post picks it up. Estimates can vary if Australia Post is facing delays from issues such as lockdowns and flooding.

If you would like to return your order, please note that it will need to be unopened and the refund of your order will not include the shipping costs.